Awesome Things To Do In Japan

  1. Takaragawa Onsen

Other best things to do in Japan is enjoying Takaragawa Onsen. Takaragawa Onsen is a Hotel styling Japan. Which provide outdoor hot spring at takaragawa river. Takaragawa Onsen is located at Ocenkaku and upstream of Tonaegawa. All room at hotel feature japanese style interiors with tatami floor ( woven straw). And shoji sliding screen for connecting room with seating area to relax. Takaragawa Onsen has some of the larges and most famous rotenburo (outdoor bath)in the japan. The mix gender bath is along river and take on a different character of the changing seasons. A women only outdoor bath are also available. Takaragawa Onsen is popular day trip and one of the closest mixed bathing hotspring from Tokyo. In here you can find the best hotspring with a refreshing atmosphere.

2. Winter Illumination in Tokyo

Winter illumination is the most popular attraction in japanese winter. Tokyo is filled with winter illumination at night. In Tokyo, there are some winter illuminations such as Roppongi, Ginza, and Shinjuku. the most popular illuminations are the illuminations in Marunouchi Station and Tokyo Michi Terrace. Beautiful light with christmas decorations meet all the way in Tokyo. You can see the beautiful illumination winter and beautiful christmas lights in Odaiba, Shiodome dan Roppongi. if you plan to go the other cities, you can enjoy the night lights like this in Nagoya, Osaka (Nakanoshima Island) and Kobe. This winter illumination should be listed in your itinerary as the best things to do in Tokyo in winter. Here, you will welcomed by a beautiful view of the illumination winter.

3. Jigukudani Monkey Park

Many place to visit in japan in winter, such as hotspring attraction in Honsu Island, Shikoku, and Kyushu. There are many tourists can enjoy a soak in the hotspring in outdoor Onsen. Uniquely there are wild animals like the monkeys join the occasional soak in the Outdoor Onsen. It is located in the monkey’s natural habitat, in the forests of the Jigokudani valley in yamanouchi. This park was opened since 1964 and the monkeys became a unique sight for the tourist. Many people recorded the funny behavior of monkeys in hotspring. Jigukudani Monkey park has also become one of top tourist attractions in Japan.